Hollie's Story

     Hollie was and still is the light of our life. She loved spending time with her family and  friends.  There was never a dull moment when she was around. She was the life of the party. Very rarely would you ever see Hollie sad or upset. She was always happy and if anything was bothering her most of the time you would never know it.

     She attended D'Iberville High school.  She was on the DHS tennis team. She also ran track her 7th -- 10th grade years.  She attended all the football and baseball games. She was one of the high schools biggest fans. She loved having friends over to make shirts for any event that was coming up at school. Another one of her favorite things to do was dance. She had been dancing at the Next Level for 10 years. Fishing was her favorite past time. She could fish all day and never have a bite and was never ready to call it a day.

     Her dream was to become a fashion designer. She loves all the newest trends in clothing. I mentioned to her she might have to move to a bigger city with that degree. So, she started trying to think of another career, because she had said she could ever dream of leaving home.

     Hollie was also very independent. She babysat for extra money. When it came Christmas  or Birthday time she would always purchase all her friends and family's gifts with her own money. She hardly ever ask for anything. 

     Hollie loved to take long runs to the river with her little brother, Scotty. They loved to pick at each other all the time. Her big sister Hillary was her idol. She looked up to her for almost everything, advice, school work, boys, ect.  Anything in life Hill was the first one she would call.